with tesa® Double-Sided Thin Tapes


1. . . When it comes to durable, all-purpose bonding applications,
think thin! tesa is continuously refining its assortment of double-sided tapes for industrial applications, and its assortment of thin bonding and laminating tapes is in hot demand for general-bonding purposes throughout a myriad of industries.
441Our refined core assortment includes two distinctive, thin double-sided tapes that pack performance and flexibility into each roll!



tesa® 4943


A double-sided tape consisting of a non-woven backing equipped with a solvent-based tackified acrylic adhesive. It provides high initial tack and

good shear resistance.

Target Applications Include:

  • Laminating leather, textiles, and foam
  • Mounting light-weight components, such as signs and nameplates
  • Sealing bags and envelopes
  • Splicing
tesa® 64620


A double-sided self-adhesive tape, consisting of a white polypropylene backing and a synthetic rubber adhesive mass system (hotmelt). With the hotmelt adhesive, tesa® 64620 is solvent free and provides high tack.

Target Applications Include:

  • Carpet and flooring installations
  • Most general-purpose indoor bonding applications

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