Commitment to Quality

Adheco has built a reputation over the last 35+ years as a consistent converter of reliably produced high quality custom parts with tight tolerances, complex designs and short timeframes. This reputation mirrors 3M’s 100+ year history of quality and innovation. Our ISO9001 Certification also attests to this.

Diverse Capabilities

Rotary die cutting, CNC Flashcutting, slitting, steel-rule die cutting, stamping, rewinding, chopping and lamination are all within Adheco’s converting toolbelt. See the pictures below for some examples of past projects.

Exceptional Customer Service

Sales the old fashioned way. Experienced sales professionals with a knack for technical problem solving, and relationships with world class suppliers (3M and many more) that go back decades.  Technical support through project scoping, adhesive product selection/specification, part design, manufacturing, packaging, shipping and installation.

This is the Adheco Advantage.


Adheco purchases many tapes in wide width ‘log’ format, and with our slitting machines we are able to supply tapes to you in any width roll, from 3mm to 1524mm width. For example, why use a 2” wide tape when you can save money by purchasing 1.7” width?


You need not always purchase tape in a standard roll.

How about pre-cut pieces? Adheco has extensive in-house capabilities for die cutting and laminating, to provide many available custom formats. This applies not only to tapes, but Hook and Loop (3M and Velcro TM), felts, foils, foams, etc.

Kiss cut/butt cut pieces

For both single and double coated tapes.  Pieces are cut to a liner, and rewound in roll format. Pieces are easily removed from the liner for use, sort of like labels. Any shape can be fabricated – circles, squares, stars, triangles, you name it. Extended liners or tabs can be added for ease of liner removal on double coated tapes. For both single and double coated tapes.

Tape pieces chopped to length.

An extended liner can be added to any single or double coated tape, then pieces chopped to length and supplied in individual pieces.  So, for example, if you want a tape strip that is 17mm x 100mm, no problem. We can do that without the cost of tooling. It is simple and cost effective for small to medium sized jobs.


Sometimes you want a tape that is perforated across the roll or in the direction of the roll length. Just explain your needs, and we can help.

Split liner and Dry edge capabilities

For double coated tapes you often want an easy way to remove the top liner.  Adheco can supply double coated tape rolls or pieces with the top liner that is ‘split’ (the top liner is cut providing a ‘split’ in the liner for easier removal) or with a dry edge (which is where the liner extends past the tape allowing for easy removal).  Once we know your application, we can offer several liner options to meet your needs.

Short Rolls

Some of our customers want tape in short rolls, rather than full length rolls. For example, if the standard roll length is 60 yards, but you want rolls that are only 10 feet in length, we can rewind the tape and supply it to you in the short rolls. We will even bag each roll individually if you like.


We can laminate tapes to many surfaces like felt, foams, rubber, plastics, etc. and can then die cut as needed. So you get the material you want, with an appropriately selected adhesive, supplied in the format you need. We will help select the right adhesive for the job, considering the surfaces your part will be sticking to, bond loading, environmental factors, etc.

Please contact Adheco Ltd. to discuss your converted tape needs. We will work with you to provide products in formats that meet your specific needs.